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Daddy Daughter Dance in Chicago

March 5, 2013


The Black Star Project’s 4th Annual Valentine’s Day Daddy-Daughter Dance had fathers and daughters dressed in semi-formal attire as they celebrated one of the most important human-being bonds–the relationship between father and daughter. This event included dancing, crafts, food and the exchange of gifts between fathers and daughters.

Unfortunately, too many young girls have to worry about teen dating violence, girl-on-girl bullying, human sexual trafficking, sexting, provocative texting and other modern societal ills. For many girls, a good relationship with their father leads to improved educational, social and physical outcomes. Fathers’ investment in their daughters helps girls to be more confident, emotionally balanced and independent. The best way to guarantee that your daughter will have the high self-esteem necessary to choose a good mate is for you, her father, to be the model for her choice and decision making.

Click Here to See a Tear-Jerking Video of Fathers Dancing With Their Daughters at the 2013 Chicago Daddy Daughter Dance.

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