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5 Ways to Make Your T-shirts More Fashionable

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I read the book, Generation T:  108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt, and I was instantly impressed by the number of ways to make your t-shirts more fashionable.  I was inspired to start right away.

Take your t-shirt game up a notch, beyond the knot!  Instead of buying pre-cut t-shirts (yes, they sell these), it is so simple to make them yourself.

 Use your imagination and, of course, be careful with the scissors. Here are 5 ways to make your t-shirts funky and fashionable:

1. Back out

This is a no-sew easy method that only requires a pair of scissors.  Cut slits in the back using any number of creative designs.

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Photo credit: Aliexpress
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2.  Nice arms

Simply cut the sleeves on both sides and, if you’re like me and don’t like a tight neck, cut the neck, too.  Leave the cut sleeves loose and carefree.  You can also use safety pins to join loose fabric or add accents to the t-shirt for a punk, rocker look.

Photo credit: Polyvore

Photo credit: Aliexpress

3.  Nice shoulders

One of my favorites, so simple and beautiful.  Cut the sleeves off, angled toward the neckline in both the front and the back.  Cut off as much as you want to show more or less skin. Make sure to keep and preserve the neckline fabric.

Source: Generation T 108 ways to transform a t-shirt, Workman Publishing
Photo credit: Nordstrom

4. Kinda slitty

Using a pair of scissors or a razor blade, cut horizontal rows of slits all over the t-shirt in both the front and back or just at the bottom.  You can keep the neckline as is or cut it away.  Another version involves making just two large slits strategically placed on sides using scissors and an oversized t-shirt or t-shirt dress.

Photo credit: Poshmart
Photo credit: Ebay

5. Halter tee

This is the only fashionable t-shirt design that requires a little sewing.  After cutting off the sleeves, cut the neck straight across.  Fold the top edge of the remaining neck area down and sew it across leaving a gap in the fold to put the string.  The string is actually the bottom hem of the t-shirt that you cut off and put inside the fold for a tie that goes around your neck.

Of course, you can also do other things with t-shirts, like create pillows and reusable bags.   So eco-friendly and chic!

I hope that you enjoy this article and put Sisterhood on your Agenda by purchasing a Sisterhood Agenda t-shirt!

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