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Domestic Violence: Finding Love After Trauma

Re-victimization. It’s a fancy word used to describe secondary negative consequences that have been caused by an initial trauma. Post-traumatic stress: the combined flashbacks and anxiety triggered by vivid memories of the initial trauma. According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, one in three American women will experience intimate[…]

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The Art of Chilling Out for Women

Banish burnout, worry, and stress once and for all with these practical tips and strategies for relaxing, going beyond simple self-care to chill your mind, body, and soul.

Women are resilient leaders driven to achieve but can often feel stressed out. They are being adversely impacted by the Covid-19 “she-cession” with less and less women returning to the workforce due to the multi-faceted responsibilities they face inside and outside of their homes. And in a world where heart disease is the leading cause of death for women, they can’t afford to wait to relax.

Author Angela D. Coleman’s prescription in The Art of Chilling Out for Women teaches women the value of chilling out. Here women can learn to seek self-awareness, self-love, happiness, peace, and health. With this essential resource, women will eliminate burnout, stress, and excessive personal sacrifice with practical tips and holistic wellness, like creating cleansing spaces and sacred spots, releasing childhood trauma, establishing boundaries, increasing compassion and self-love, eliminating doubt, regulating with herbs, and listening to your physical self, and much more. This book is a must-have for any woman burdened by taking on the world.

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A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide with Student Workbooks

A Journey Toward Womanhood Angela D Coleman

Empower the next generation of women with the evidence-based, award-winning A Journey Toward Womanhood program from Sisterhood Agenda.

For almost three decades, we’ve been guiding girls through the transition into womanhood with our educational curriculum. This updated and rebooted program promotes empowerment, self-concept, health and wellness, including positive mental health, and success for today’s global girls.

With 14 detailed lesson plans and over 100 pages of engaging activities, it is the perfect tool for teachers, mentors, service providers, and community leaders. Explore unique concepts like sisterhood, self-definition, critical thinking, trauma-informed care, history and heritage, self-care, nutrition, and fitness.

We have been guiding girls on their journey to womanhood for almost three decades.  Now, it’s your turn to make a difference. With 14 detailed lesson plans and over 100 pages of engaging activities, this guide is the ultimate tool for empowering teenage girls.

What Does This Curriculum Guide Cover?

  • The power of sisterhood and self-discovery
  • 14 detailed lesson plans that cover comprehensive holistic health concepts and life skills
  • Over 100 pages of engaging activities that promote self-awareness, positive self-concept, self-esteem, cultural pride and identity
  • Student workbooks to enhance learning and engagement.
  • Evaluation materials for effective program implementation
  • Optional training offered by Sisterhood Agenda for program implementation, tracking, and replication

Join the sisterhood and let’s empower our girls together!

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