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Are Women Faring Better in Gamer Games?

Angela D. Coleman
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Women have to deal with a lot of online hate:  trolling, threats, shaming, name-calling, and other abusive online behavior are far too common. Unfortunately, this type of abuse extends to when women and girls play games online as well.  See our article 3 Cyber Sheroes Who Protect Women Online.

The gaming community is known for being sexist.  Women in video games are poorly represented and when they are, they are often overly sexualized caricatures who play damsels in distress.  Yet, as more women are coding, creating games as video game designers and becoming more influential, we can expect to see changes.   See the article 25 Awesome Women in Gaming.  These positive changes are not just great for women, but many men like to see them, too.


Women in Games Sexualized



There are more women gaming organizations such as Global Gaming Women and Women in Gaming (WIG) Networking. There are a number of  forums and other events for women gamers exist (these are just two examples).

Still, as you can see, diversity continues to be an issue. As women come together in sisterhood, expect to see more empowered women in the game.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

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