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How To Become More Assertive

Becoming more assertive can be difficult, especially when you grow up being a people-pleaser such as myself!  Most of us don’t want any problems or confrontations. Whenever I was in the wrong, I was always quick to try and understand my wrongdoing, so there’d be no more problems. Since this[…]

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Singleness When Love Is In the Air

Supporting girls enjoying their lives through singleness.

Hey, beauties! Today’s topic is about singleness, specifically singleness when love is in the air. With Valentine’s Day just passing, and with it being the thick of winter (aka cuddle season) we are becoming even more saturated with images of love and lust. As someone who has been single for[…]

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How To Stop Seeking Validation

Seeking validation from others whether it be from friends, parents, or a lover is a habit that many women wish to break. While it is completely normal and part of our nature to seek validation, at times we tend to start noticing that we crave validation more than usual. Admittedly,[…]

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