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We all have our own notions of girlhood, womanhood, and the transition in-between.

What is a beautiful girlhood? Girlhood is a time to be celebrated, often cut short by early gender expectations, sexualization, and judgement that can scar the journey.  Many cultures have a rites of passage to mark the passage from girlhood to womanhood and some rites are more elaborate than others.

Above all, girlhood is a learning time.  The endless possibilities are what makes beautiful girlhoods unique.

Where do girls learn how to be woman?  From us, the adult women (mentors and sisters) that they are most exposed to.  From men, who influence how they define themselves.  And from society at large, with its social-psychological and cultural impacts.

In her Huffington Post article, talks about her experience parenting her daughter and references the book Beautiful Girlhood by Mabel Hale:

“Girlhood is the opening flower of womanhood. It has charms all its own. The wonderful change from the child to the woman, the marvelous blossoming of young, healthy girlhood, will ever be God’s great miracle in life’s garden.”

Neither one hundred percent pure innocence nor one hundred percent dirty scandal, most girls experience a world that is full of varied, diverse experiences.  Too often, instead of healthy girlhood, girls experience trauma that requires healing in womanhood.  Coming together as sisters, we can help prevent childhood trauma with mentoring and support, plus facilitate adult healing.

Do you mentor a young girl in your life?  What do teach her about being a girl and becoming a woman?  What life lessons have you learned as a girl and from whom?

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