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Because of Sandra, More Women are Becoming Mechanics in Nigeria

Angela D. Coleman
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Ladies can be mechanics, too!  Sisterhood Agenda global partner, Lady Mechanic Initiative (LMI), was founded in Nigeria to teach women mechanic skills to improve their employment options and standards of living.

“LMI envisions a world where an empowered emancipated cultured and nurtured womanhood engages the vulnerable and less privilege of society in an unending embrace of warmth, care and succour.”

“Whether you are an indigent girl, victim of human trafficking, a widow or a woman who is desirous of becoming part of the growing number of lady mechanics in Africa or those on government scholarships, you are welcome to LMI” states Founder Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh.

Sandra Aguebor-Ekperuoh (Medium)

Sandra states, “The most exciting part of our story is that majority of these girls and women who now have a skill, a good job and better life were once indigent, poverty stricken, and without formal education. Many of them were once prostitutes from overseas (victims of forced-labour and human trafficking) and prostitutes here in Nigeria. Others were once excluded from active participation in economic activities based on the erroneous concept of gender inequality, and underprivileged backgrounds.”

“I have strategy for everything I do,” she says. “You have to plan and have strategies for what you want to do in life.”

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