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Cheerful Nail Art That Is Uplifting & Fun

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According to Self Magazine:

“Nail art can be a fun way to express your individuality and creativity.”

The trend is more minimal designs. Manicurist Natalie Pavloski creates six funky manicures that are easy to do yourself.

Round Off


No two nails are the same! Changing the focal point and colors “gives this look energy,” says Pavloski. To create it, paint two coats of the base color. For that semicircle, use a thin nail-art brush to draw the outline. Drop a bead of polish in the center and spread it out to the edge.

Line Drive


A racer stripe makes bright pink instantly sporty. With a thin brush, swipe a horizontal line in a single stroke, so the width is as large as the brush. For extra help, Pavloski suggests using a strip of tape as a guide.

Half Time


“It’s the French tip with a major twist,” says Pavloski. To get it, paint the base color over the entire nail. Then use a narrow brush to draw a straight line across. With the brush from the bottle, fill in the contrasting shade.

High Point


Create this sharp look: Dot the tip of each triangle with a pointed brush, using the color. Drag the brush toward the edge. Repeat on the other side, then fill in the triangle. With such a strong design, keep the nail shape clean and natural.

Square Up


A modern update on the classic red mani. For those boxes, mark each square’s corners and draw lines out from them. Go over them with a regular brush. If it’s a bit messy, Pavloski says, just grab an angled makeup brush, dip it in remover and wipe away any mistakes.

Clean Slice


“This is a simple way to try the trend,” says Pavloski. With a fine brush, draw a diagonal across the nail, then paint each section using the blue. Finish all of these looks with a top coat to really make them shine!

Model, Sonya at Parts Models; Nail Art by Natalie Pavlosk; Paper Art by Makerie Studio

This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of SELF.

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