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Based on the Book:  How to Relax & Let Go

“How to Relax & Let Go” is an online course based on a book by the same name that shows you how to bring relaxation into your daily life and let go so that you can properly care for yourself, optimize health, and enhance emotional well-being to be your best.

Learn more about:

  • What relaxation is and how to use time wisely
  • How to create and maintain an aura of peace to reduce anxiety and worry
  • The best environments that promote self-awareness and mindfulness
  • Why relaxation and letting go is necessary to optimize health and emotional well-being
  • The gender and cultural implications of self-care and rest
  • How to identify what’s keeping you from being able to relax and let go
  • How to use the resources around you (nature, herbs, exercise, sisterhood support) to relax and let go

Holistic Health and Empowerment

Sisterhood Agenda is THE global sisterhood leader.  You are in great hands with us! In this sacred space, we believe that creating a strong support system and sisterhood network is key to resilience and ultimate success.  Read more about Sisterhood Agenda, what we do, and how we do it.

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