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This award-winning course promotes self-esteem, holistic health, life skills, and emotional well-being. All girls ages 12-17 can join!

#1 Teen Program for Girls

Sisterhood Agenda has won over 30 awards and we’ve been doing this for over 25 years!

“Sisterhood Agenda is an amazing non-profit organization for women and girls of multiple colors. I love the spirit and sisterhood of the organization and how it uplifts all women in a positive way. It helps us define our struggles and think of a plan to persevere. I love Sisterhood Agenda and the personal experiences I’ve had with them. Without Sisterhood, I wouldn’t be the confident, independent, and strong woman I am today! Thank you so much.”  Program Participant

“Sisterhood Agenda is a great program for African American women and girls. Sisterhood Agenda taught me so much about my heritage, how to boost my self-esteem, and most importantly Sisterhood Agenda taught me to love and respect all of my sisters. It’s a wonderful program and I recommend it to anyone who wants to join. I go on daily and check up on the new events happening, which interests me so much. Love Sisterhood!!!!”  Program Participant

What We Offer for Girls Ages 12-17

Girls who participate in this online course will receive:

  • Engaging and detailed lessons with small, distinct, and specific learning goals
  • A multi-media experience that includes lesson plans, worksheets, visual learning aids, graphics, video, and audio teachings
  • Access to proprietary, specialized content that is not publicly available
  • The advantages of being a part of a large global sisterhood network
  • A Certificate of Achievement when the course is successfully completed

Our Teen Program for Girls Promotes Sisterhood

Along with other life skills, A Journey Toward Womanhood helps girls to love themselves and each other in the spirit of sisterhood.  At Sisterhood Agenda, we believe that creating a strong support system and sisterhood network is key to resilience and ultimate success.

We Are the Leader Specializing in Teen Programs for Girls

You and your girls are in great hands with us! Read more about Sisterhood Agenda, what we do, and how we do it.

A Journey Toward Womanhood Training

If you implement a teen program for girls or want to do so in the future, Sisterhood Agenda offers A Journey Toward Womanhood training for administrators just like you!  You will receive the educational materials and training so that you are informed, well-prepared, and ready to start.

You can check out some of our videos, which may also be helpful for educators, program administrators, and social service providers.

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