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Empowering Our Girls: Curriculum & Activity Guides Available With Training

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Sisterhood Agenda has been empowering girls for over 25 years,
uniting women and girls in a global sisterhood movement.

Empowering girls is no easy task. Empowerment is a complex concept, especially considering the socialization and media processes at work that can undermine our power from a very young age.

Sisterhood Agenda’s A Journey Toward Womanhood Curriculum Guide with Student Workbooks and 345 Activities of SisterCamp are innovative resources that will help you create and enhance your girl power programs.

These invaluable resources are received with in-person or online training:

For effective program implementation, Sisterhood Agenda provides A Journey Toward Womanhood and SisterCamp training for you and your agency.  Contact us for more information.

A Journey Toward Womanhood updated cover 2016

345 Activities of SisterCamp 2016

Our girls need to love themselves and know that they are beautiful.  It is also important that they learn how to honor and support each other as sisters. Sisterhood support networks are show to build resilience. Resilience protects girls throughout life into womanhood.

Sisterhood Helps Women & Girls Heal From Bullying

Sisterhood Agenda successfully implemented A Journey Toward Womanhood and SisterCamp for many years.  The two programs are updated and rebooted for today’s global girls.  No need to recreate the wheel!  These strategies are:

  • Award-winning
  • Evidence-based
  • Trauma-informed
  • Evaluation included
  • Engaging
  • Effective
  • Fun

Sisterhood Agenda’s Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 girls is a multi-year project that utilizes these important resouces.  Program resources are available nationally and internationally, perfect for global partners, organization leaders, teachers, and mentors.

For greatest impacts, contact Sisterhood Agenda for program training.

We can train program staff in just one or two days to maximize the program implementation process and your impact.  In addition to training for A Journey Toward Womanhood and SisterCamp, we also offer training for Sister Circles.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a Supervisory Juvenile Probation Officer in Washington DC. We have a specialty court program where we are looking for a mentoring curriculum to use for girls. Many of our youth in our specialty court are either involved or at risk of being sex trafficked. I have been inquiring about the sisterhood 2.0 curriculum which is mentioned in the manhood 2.0 curriculum but I cannot seem to find it. If you are able to direct me to a resource that fits this criteria it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Sisterhood Agenda has a very comprehensive, effective, evidence-based, and trauma-informed curriculum for teenage girls: A Journey Toward Womanhood. I commend you and your agency on the important work that you are doing with girls. We invite you to become a Global Partners and be listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory, an important resource for girls, parents, and service providers. I wrote to you directly and I am happy to help. We look forward to working with you!

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