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Gwynnie Bee Levels the Playing Field with Plus Size Fashion

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Can you believe that even in 2015, most fashion designers refuse to offer clothing in larger sizes for women?

Most women love fashion as a way to express our individuality.  Entrepreneur Christine Hunsicker saw an opportunity and she took it. After selling her last two companies to Yahoo and Facebook, this sister in business knows the keys to success. In 2011, she launched Gwynnie Bee, a plus-size retail provider. Now, she is taking this company to the next level.  Here is a quote from her recent interview with Glamour:


Christine says, “We started Gwynnie Bee with the mission of giving women an unlimited wardrobe with a limited budget—and make clothing synonymous with possibility and confidence. That’s definitely not always the case with women and their experiences with shopping. With our model, we can really make fashion a 100% joyful experience for women, and in particular, women between sizes 10 and 32.”


For too long, women have been taught that we need to fit into a particular physical mold.  Yet, we are all different-equally beautiful in our ages, shapes, and sizes. As we celebrate the divinity of our womanhood, let’s support each other as sisters, not compete with,  judge or discriminate against each other with body-shaming behavior.

With sisterhood, we can stop being part of the problem and be a part of the solution.  Let’s come together to celebrate our diversity and support each other as sisters in business, too.

If you are an up-and-coming designer and have an interest in plus-sizes, Christine says she wants to hear from YOU!

Photos: Courtesy of Gwynnie Bee

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