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How Star Wars Makes Hollywood More Diverse for Women & Ethnic Groups

Angela D. Coleman
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Hollywood; most of its films do not reflect America’s growing diversity. Star Wars is the key to fixing this problem because its galaxy is naturally diverse.

“Star Wars is the key to all of this.”

While Star Wars‘ story may not be about diversity, its diverse galaxy shows the importance of people from all walks of life and how we can all come together to share in the modern dream of unity.  And, as violent as Star Wars is, it’s not a racist or sexist galaxy.  We should all learn from that.

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True diversity means that anyone can play the hero-or the villain.  Women should play heroes, villains, aliens and droids and have equal representation on the battlefield.  Blasters, lightsabers, etc. are the great equalizers in the Star Wars galaxy.

When I say “diverse,” I mean Asian, Latino, Arabic, Native American, Indian, Hawaiian, multiracial, etc. -not your typical Black-and-White diversity.  Star Wars‘ human characters should represent the diversity of the real world.

FULL diversity needs to become the new normal, uniting us all.

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  1. I am curious to see how the inclusion of several African American actors is viewed by both the new and older generations of Star Wars fans. Also, I would like to see how women are portrayed in the new movie.

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