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Dating: What Women Must Know


What does dating look like today? For many centuries, couples met at balls and dances, and young girls were chaperoned as their suiters courted them. Then, came the dating culture.  Many years after that, friends and colleagues began introducing people so they could find love. However, times has changed a[…]

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Housing and Community Development

Sisterhood Agenda Housing Projects Housing for Women

Sisterhood Agenda’s housing projects are key to fullfilling our mission and vision.  We all deserve safe, beautiful spaces that promote our physical health and emotional well-being. READ MORE ABOUT OUR HOUSING FOR WOMEN Holistic health agenda For over 26 years, Sisterhood Agenda has been providing award-winning holistic health and women’s[…]

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Housing for Women

Sisterhood Agenda Housing for Women

Did you know that Sisterhood Agenda offers housing for women?  This is a little-known fact and our housing and community development projects are expanding. You deserve the best. The need Our households need support to thrive.   Single-mom households are now the rule, not the exception, in many geographical areas. Single-mom,[…]

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Our Largest ACEs Study for Women

Sisterhood Agenda Largest ACEs Study for Women

Sisterhood Agenda has conducted the largest, most comprehensive ACEs study for women. The results are in! Sisterhood Agenda’s landmark collection of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) data focused on over 23,393 global women ages 18 and over: What did we find? That most of us women have four or more ACEs[…]

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