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Historical Accomplishments

“We all win when we work together in sisterhood.”

In its many years of service, Sisterhood Agenda has won over 30 awards, in addition to selecting and awarding five (5) Sisterhood of Greatness Awards in 2019:

-Best Trauma-Informed Training for Women and Girls NGO (2023)
-National Energy Globe Award,


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All-Natural Skin Care Saved My Completion

Acne has been a struggle for me since puberty. I’ve tried countless over the counter acne washes and creams.  Yet, nothing worked. It seemed like everything I tried was a waste of time and money. I gave up on the commercial advertisements as my only source of information and searched the Internet for alternative treatments.


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Powerful Sisterhood in the U.S. Virgin Islands Led to Freedom

SEA Headquarters

As many of you know, Sisterhood Agenda’s SEA:  Sisterhood Empowerment Academy is our eco-friendly headquarters based in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

About the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands is a U.S. territory like Puerto Rico. In 1917, the United States bought the Virgin Island territories from Denmark for $25 million (nearly $500 million in today’s dollars) as a strategic position against a European invasion.


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Affiliations Recommended by Sisterhood Agenda

1.  Shop.  Find your most important sisterhood and empowerment resources for women and girls including books like Beautiful. and guides like Girls Guide and the Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto.

2. Bluehost.  Sisterhood Agenda’s websites run on Bluehost because it is comprehensive and affordable with very good technical support.


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Building the Sisterhood Empowerment Academy

logo_final_teal (Medium)logo_final_teal (Medium)

The Sisterhood Empowerment Academy (SEA) is being built in St. John, USVI.  Inspired by Mother Nature, the SEA is Sisterhood Agenda’s ocean front, eco-friendly headquarters and refuge for healing. Visit the SEA website: for more information.

Be a part of the SEA!  Sisterhood Agenda is currently accepting tax-deductible donations for the SEA:

The SEA is located near beautiful Frank Bay Beach in Cruz Bay.


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