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Being a teenage girl can be difficult.  There are a lot of big changes going on.  Who guides our girls as they transition into womanhood? Sisterhood Agenda does and now you can, too!


If you know a teenage girl and you want to help her become a healthy, independent woman empowered with self-worth, positive self-esteem, and life skills, you need this program.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we have been implementing the award-winning, evidence-based A Journey Toward Womanhood program for over two decades. Updated and rebooted for today’s global girls, A Journey Toward Womanhood promotes sisterhood, women’s support and empowerment while promoting positive self-concept, self-definition, holistic health, life skills, mental health, emotional well-being, and more.

Featuring 14 detailed onlines lessons and over 100 engaging activities, including workbook and multi-media access, the A Journey Toward Womanhood program is trauma-informed and evidence-based.

  • Program implementation, tracking, control group
  • Evaluation results published in Adolescence
  • Office of Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Programs federal demonstration project
  • Office of Minority Health federal demonstration project
  • Updated scaling and replication with global expansion

Evaluation materials are included.  Sisterhood Agenda recommends A Journey Toward Womanhood training if you an educator or administrator.  Contact us for details.



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Award-winning programs

A few of Sisterhood Agenda’s A Journey Toward Womanhood testimonials:

“The training was very detailed and organized. Afterward, I felt prepared, ready and eager to start.”

“Working with girls as a liaison, my girls left other programs without finishing them. A Journey Toward Womanhood is the first that the girls had ever completed.”
Ms. B, Community Center Director 

“Sisterhood Agenda gave a complete overview and a detailed understanding of the curriculum.  There was considerable dialogue, which stimulated analytical and evaluative thought processes. By the end of the training, I felt well-prepared and eager to start.”
Ms. Shabazz, Teacher/Mentor  

“During challenging times when young girls need encouragement, inspiration, and valuable information, the Sisterhood Agenda is answering the call, front, and center.  The Sisterhood Agenda serves as a bridge that binds; drives ideas that inspire; and delivers change one girl, around the world, at a time. ” 
Blanche Williams, Advisor

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