Sisterhood Agenda

Black Girls Guide: How to Be a Sister


Learn how to come together as sisters to empower yourself and others.

What does “sisterhood” mean to you?  To come together as sisters, support each other, and unite around an agenda…  Sisterhood Agenda is built around these principles.

We hear about “empowerment” all the time, too. The heart of authentic empowerment is not found outside ourselves, but internally.

Sisterhood Agenda has been promoting empowerment through sisterhood, SELF-knowledge, SELF-development, and SELF-esteem for over twenty years. When we want to be enlightened and successful, these core SELF elements are the foundation.

Only when we are empowered individually can we be strong together. Then, we can truly maximize the collective power inherent in the spirit of sisterhood.

From Black Girls Guide: How to Be a Sister, you will learn:

  • How to define authentic sisterhood
  • How to look for and avoid mean girls
  • Why sisterhood matters and the power of sister circles
  • The 10-step call to action for the 21st Century Sisterhood of Greatness Manifesto by Blanche Williams to encourage women to reclaim their magnificence
  • The future of sisterhood
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