Sisterhood Agenda

Counseling Services


FREE counseling consultation.  Contact us for details.

Professional mental health services for women and girls

“I always feel comfortable talking with Sisterhood Agenda because they listen and they offer really great advice.”

“They don’t tell you what to do, just help you see the options and open your eyes to things that you may not have seen before.”

Need someone to talk to?  Confidential, private counseling sessions are available now.   Trauma-informed counseling is available for women and girls using a holistic, trauma-informed, integrated approach to mental health and emotional well-being.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we embrace your uniqueness and strengths.  A global, healthy sisterhood is what Sisterhood Agenda is about.  Sisterhood Agenda’s counseling services can usually be scheduled right away.

Sisterhood Agenda counselors are trained and certified in: psychology, social work, healing, trauma, psychological first aid, nutrition, sexual health, and holistic medicine and science.


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