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IN POWER Sisterhood Bracelet

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The IN POWER Sisterhood Bracelet is a powerful connection to the healing forces of nature, self-love, and sisterhood:

It is intentionally designed and created as a tangible symbol to remind you of your courage, strength, love, and your power within.

Simply wear the bracelet.  You can even put it under your pillow at night.  It works.

The following gemstones have been carefully selected for your empowerment:

Citrine.  This is the gemstone for success and prosperity.  It helps to promote strength and self-esteem.

Jade.   Protects and supports heart energy. Nurturing stone, providing harmony.

Unakite.  Aids in removing negative energy and helps to balance emotions.

Lapis.  A symbol of royalty, honor, wisdom, and truth. The beautiful blue gemstone stimulates clarity, creativity and inspires compassion.

Amethyst.  Provides power and protection. Guards against negative energies and protects from all types of harm.

Tiger’s Eye.  A powerful stone that helps you release fear and anxiety. Provides focus, clarity of mind, confidence and self-worth.

Onyx.  Helps to absorb and transform negative energy and helps prevent negative energy. Provides emotional and physical strength.

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