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African Print Dress-Powerful Dashiki Wrap


Be the leader AND the boss when you wear this dress.

This Powerful African Dashiki Wrap Dress features a traditional print with the colors gold and black, plus symbols that represent powerful femininity, which is our kind of women’s fashion!

Great for all sizes.

With flexible sizing, wrap dresses are figure-flattering and this dress can be wrapped around a bust size up to 54″ inches, as tight as you like.

This dress comes with a headwrap.

Length:  54 inches

Materials:  100% cotton

Cultural, and eco-friendly, our African print maxi skirt is part of Sisterhood Agenda’s sustainable fashion collection that mixes traditional style with contemporary fashion.

Color variations may be typical in naturally dyed fabrics.



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I wear this African dress as my go-to power outfit for meetings.  They can see you with online meetings and more than the way it looks, I love the way it makes you feel. I am sure that you will love it, too. ♥

This African dress holds you in and glides when you walk.  the bell sleeves and long length make me feel regal, like a queen.  I am sure that you will be stopped and asked where you purchased it-it’s up to you if you want to disclose that!

Like most cotton garments, it gets softer the more you wash it.  Washing is easy and simple-just use cold water in the washing machine using the delicate cycle or wash it by hand.

It comes with a headwrap, which makes it more formal.  Of course, it’s your choice to wear it with the dress, but you also have the option to wear it with other clothing. I like to pair mine with jeans, a Sisterhood Agenda t-shirt (of course) or white tee, and tall black boots.

By ordering from us, you shop for a worthy cause, helping us do important work for women and girls around the globe. Sisterhood Agenda has global partners in 17 African countries, listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory.

Check out other women’s clothing products in our shop… thank you for your support!


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