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Shapeshifter Yoga

$14.99 $8.99

Yoga is an effective, stress-reducing exercise for women.  Killing yourself for hours in the gym isn’t the way to a better lifestyle…

Introducing the breakthrough program that gets you back to the body and mind you love and need:

You can do yoga and get the powerful fat-blasting effects of vigorous cardio exercise, and reduce your cortisol levels at the same time. This can help you lose stubborn flab and belly fat… and keep it off! Plus you can forget about the boring monotony of jogging, running on a treadmill, or riding a stationary bike.

This yoga program helps you lose stubborn flab and belly fat — and keep it off!

“Whether I’m in a swimsuit, a pair of jeans, or an evening gown, the most frequent compliment I get is on the shape of my hips, thighs and derrière… And I built that shape with yoga!”

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