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There is strength in sisterhood.

It’s so easy to have lots of ideas- brilliant ideas- swarming around in your head. But those offer you no value unless acted upon.

To take action, you must be clear about WHAT your goal and ultimate intention are. Turn your dreams and ideas into reality by setting a specific goal.

If you are having a tough time setting your goals maybe you should consider joining a sister group to connect, grow, and thrive in business together.

Get recommendations for actions that you take RIGHT NOW.

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Sisters in Business Consulting for Women is a Sisterhood Agenda service designed specifically to help women entrepreneurs and business leaders to succeed.  Whether your business is still a dream, a part-time venture, or embodies your life’s work, we are here to help.

Know that you are not alone in making your dreams come true.

Sisterhood Agenda Sisters in Business Consulting for Women

Women entrepreneurs and business owners

Women entrepreneurs and business owners run marketplaces around the world accounting for trillions in annual revenues.

With clear unique multiplier benefits, women entrepreneurs are uniquely more likely to:

  • Deliver a higher return on
  • Create lasting gains in education and health in their families and
  • Share their economic rewards with their
  • Invest in others like them.
  • Re-invest the vast majority of their earnings into their families

Sisterhood Agenda Sisters in Business Consulting for Women

Women of color entrepreneurs and business owners

While economic growth is often driven by women, women of color require access to knowledge and tools to optimize success in the business environment, access that has been historically denied.

Women of color business owners are enterprising and resilient.  Our global partners are growing every week and are doing amazing work.  Yet, we are not reaching our full potential.  At Sisterhood Agenda, we recognize the structural, systematic, and interpersonal racism, sexism, and bias that disproportionately affects women of color business owners, impede our success, and perpetuate economic and social inequality.

Sisters in Business Consulting for Women is business consulting with a big difference:  support from a global sisterhood network that has your back.

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