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Budget-Friendly Productive Home Office

A budget-friendly home office setup could be a bit challenging to execute if you don’t do enough research because you’ll end up spending more.

The good news is, in this article, we did all of that for you! We listed simple, straightforward tips on how to set up your home office without hurting your budget.


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Environment-Friendly Gift Ideas For Everyone

Environment-friendly gifts are in!

We can never stress enough how serious plastic pollution and global warming is and it is our responsibility in keeping our planet clean so that it will still be inhabitable for future generations.

We came up with eco-friendly gift ideas for you. This not only helps with the environment. 


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How to Spot Passive Aggressive Emails & Texts

Sisterhood Agenda passive aggressive emails texts

Passive aggressive people are negative but express their negatively indirectly through their behavior instead of directly.  That’s sneaky!

Emails and texts are short, but may not be so sweet. Passive aggressive behavior is mean and malicious without being openly confrontational:

Think about combining both hostility and avoidance at the same time.


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The Sustainable Garden-NEW Project!

Sisterhood Agenda The Sustainable Garden Project

The goal of The Sustainable Garden project is for Sisterhood Agenda to create a sustainable flower and vegetable community garden that is maintained from rainwater collection.

The Sustainable Garden project site, PARKS, is a Sisterhood Agenda holistic housing development on several acres of land that provides green spaces,


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Sisterhood Agenda Wins Nonprofit Organization Award

Sisterhood Agenda Nonprofit Organization Award

With the Nonprofit Organization Award 2023 announcement, proudly hosted by Acquisition International Magazine, Sisterhood Agenda received the fantastic news that Sisterhood Agenda has been awarded:

Most Empowering Women & Girls’ Trauma-Informed Training NPO 2023

We’re thankful.

Wow…  a Nonprofit Organization Award!  See Sisterhood Agenda’s 2023 Award notification HERE. 


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