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Top 3 Amazing Facts About Our Breasts

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Breasts have been the source of fascination throughout the ages.  No matter what size and shape they are, our breasts are amazing!  Like a thumbprint, they are unique to each person.

Exposing our breasts (hide the nipple!) brings a lot of attention and has been the outcome of several celebrity wardrobe malfunctions.  No matter what we do to showcase them, we have to take care of them.

Breast health is important and we can use what we know to keep them looking and feeling great.  Breast cancer can occur in men, but occurs almost exclusively in women.  Did you know:

1.  Everyone looks at breasts.

Studies show that both men and women look at breasts and waistlines more than faces, especially if the women in the photos had an hourglass shape.  Breasts can be very distracting to some people, leading many of us to state “my eyes are up here.”

2. When we move, breasts do their own thing.

Breasts have no muscle-only tissue, fat, and glands.  When we move around a lot, especially during exercises like running, our breasts move up, down, left, right, in and out, and even make figure eights.  That is why good sports bras are very important.

3. Our two breasts are rarely the same size.

“Nobody has a ‘perfect’ pair of breasts,” Nolan S. Karp, M.D., associate professor in the Hansjorg Wyss Department of Plastic Surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center, tells SELF. “No one is ever perfectly symmetrical.”


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