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Warning to Young Women About Sharing Nude Photos & Videos

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Sharing Private Moments

Girls and young women sharing nude pics and photos is a risky, yet commonplace activity.  According to a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine, 89% of  millennial women, those ages 20-35 year-old, have taken naked pictures of themselves.

However, before you snap, post, chat, upload, download, or do anything naked or sexual in front of a camera, I encourage you to think about how you would feel if it were shared with your employer, mother, father, sister, a current boyfriend or husband, children or anyone else who has a cell phone, email account, or Internet connection.  This is exactly what can and does happen, especially when you least expect it and from someone you trust.


Revenge Porn

A serious act of betrayal, revenge porn is not just immoral and unethical; it is illegal.  Revenge porn is a way of using technology to turn something intimate and private against you to publicly humiliate, shame, or embarrass you.  Daily Mail, UK columnist Claire Foges states:

“Revenge porn is the rapidly growing phenomenon of spurned lovers – typically men – posting intimate photographs or sex videos of their ex-partners on the Internet.”

Sharing our intimate lives is so easy and even expected in these times we find ourselves living in.  While some women advise against taking any nude photos or sex videos at all, I would advise extreme caution,   Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need to capture this intimate moment that can live on and be shared forever?’

Be Your Sister’s Keeper

Instead of shaming those who are victimized, other women can come together to defend a women’s right to keep privately shared information private.  Shame the shamers instead. And prosecute them, too.

Did You Know?

  • While Wikiedia defines  revenge porn as “the sexually explicit portrayal of one or more people distributed without their consent via any medium,” most revenge porn is committed by men against women online
  • In the United States, 34 states and the District of Columbia have revenge porn legislation
  • In the United Kingdom, over 200 people have been prosecuted for revenge porn since they passed new legislation last year


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