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Women & Tattoos: What Your Tattoo Says About You

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Tattoos are an ancient tradition practiced with various degrees of significance all over the world.  Women with tattoos can be especially fascinating.  Many wonder:  what does it all mean?

Tattoo Woman

Perhaps tattoos are the most ultimate form of self-expression since they are so permanent. What you put on your body is personal-it matters, especially when it is embedded with ink that never goes away.

Tattoo cursive

Some tattoos are pretty, some are cultural, some are spiritual, some are fun-all are meaningful in some way.

Tattoo hand

I have a few tattoos myself.  Over the years, I have come up with interesting observations about women with tattoos that I would like to share with you.  Let me know if you agree.

Sexy Tattoo Lady

  1. Colorful tattoos:  vibrant colors scream for attention as they beg to be noticed.
  2. Thigh and back tattoos:  center around erogenous zones which means you like to exude sex appeal.
  3. Big tattoos:  same as #1.
  4. Small tattoos:  are delicate expressions that are more for you than for others.  Showing them off in an unique way makes life more interesting.
  5. Text tattoos: are more than words-they are values that communicate what is most significant to you and how you live.  Cursive and fancy writing expresses more feminine tendencies.
  6. Cultural tattoos: mean that your culture is extremely important to you; you want others to know this and respect it.
  7. Tribal tattoos: you make bold choices and like to like to be unique.  These tattoos often symbolize movement and a feeling of belonging.
  8. Flower tattoos:  express your femininity while also symbolizing your connection to nature and your personal growth journey.
  9. Skull and devil tattoos:  you like to live on the wild side and embrace your shadow personality.
  10. Angel tattoos: are mostly for protection and indicate a religious and/or spiritual orientation.
  11. Cartoon tattoos: a fun and lighthearted approach to expressing personality traits that you admire and/or share with the cartoon character.
  12. Leg & foot tattoos:  you really like to be sexy in a unique way.
  13. Hidden tattoos:  you are a private person and you reveal your true self only to a select few.
  14. No tattoos:  consistency is your thing; fear of change and uncertainly are part of who you are and your response to important issues can be slow OR fear of needles OR you just haven’t found a tattoo that you really want to put on your body.

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