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Girls Guide: How to Transition to Naturally Beautiful Hair


A personal hairstyle book printed in full color, containing expert knowledge & proven hair care tips to look beautiful… with a 30-page journal to document your hair journey!

A popular poll shows that hair counts for more than half of a girl’s beauty.

Yes, you heard it right.

Visualize yourself walking down the aisle with long, beautiful, healthy hair.

Sounds like a dream come true for every girl who has struggled with hair issues in the past.

This Girl’s Guide is your personal stylist how-to manual to having hair like you dream about.

Whether you have kinky hair strands with excessive hair breakage or damaged hair with many split ends, it’s high time to treat your hair with the care it needs to breathe and grow.

What does this personal hairstyle book cover?

-Lies and misconceptions that people told you about your hair
-The evolving relationship that a woman with her hair
-Secrets to getting healthy, beautiful, and shiny hair, naturally
-Cool and chic ways to style your hair
-Simple yet elegant ways to flaunt your hair
-Dark secrets of the hair care industry
-How expensive and unqualified hair salons trick you
-Ways to ditch chemically formulated hair products

Why is this hairstyle book for you?

-You are tired of using chemical products for hair
-You want your hair to look great every day
-Your hair currently needs a break to restore itself
-You have dry, brittle, and weak hair
-Your hair can’t endure heat, air, and pressure
-You want to be more confident about your hair
-You want to reduce trips to the salon

In this hairstyling book, Angela has shared her secret strategies to get, maintain and sustain beautiful hair naturally.

So, ditch your hours-long hair care routine with these simple yet effective tips to grow healthy hair.

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