Sisterhood Agenda

Men & Sisterhood

It takes a village.

Understanding the need for women-only sacred spaces, Sisterhood Agenda encourages men to speak out and act in ways that support women and girls. When women succeed, we all succeed.

Women Thrive to Benefit Al


Of course, Sisterhood Agenda is full of participating women and girls around the world.  In addition, Sisterhood Agenda has many male volunteers and donors.  Many men, including many celebrities, consistently put Sisterhood on the Agenda.

Men Feminism Sexual Assault

We can all put Sisterhood on the Agenda by joining the global network, sharing our stories, becoming partners and by donating to the cause.



  1. Publicly declare your support for women’s empowerment.  Sisterhood Agenda supporters include:

Cornel West circular

“Sisterhood Agenda provides a new level of development and a supportive network.
We need to highlight uplifting things that are a true force for good.”
   Cornel West

Judge Mathis circular

“If teenagers are armed with motivation, information and resources, I believe anyone can achieve success.
That is why I established my own Youth Expo’s and why organizations like
Sisterhood Agenda are beneficial to today’s young girls.”

Judge Greg Mathis

2. Join the United Nation’s Stand Together movement to create a gender equal world, #HeForShe.

3. Be proud to call yourself a feminist.

Male Feminist

Feminism Joseph Gordon Levitt

4. Advocate for inclusive leadership at your workplace. Engaging Men in Gender Initiatives offers evidence-based advice about the most effective ways to end gender inequalities at work.5. Speak out and protest violence against women, for example, sexual assault and domestic violence


Let us know what you think by contacting us. 

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