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The time is now. In our history (over 26 years), we have never held an event like this.  Like many of you, we finished out the year looking towards the new one, manifesting and planning for everything that is to come — focusing on our community and how we can[…]

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Black Widow 2021 Movie – Empowering Women

Sisterhood is our superpower. Warning: Spoilers ahead for “Black Widow” 2021 movie! To be perfectly honest, when the “Black Widow” movie started, I thought to myself, “it’s just another superhero movie.” Little did I know that I’m going to see a lot more than that. This movie has encouraged me[…]

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How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made History

About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As a teenager, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez always spoke her mind about political topics at school and at home. According to her mother, Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, “I saw the political tendencies since she was very, very young.” Ms. Ocasio-late Cortez’s late father, Sergio Ocasio, is an architect born and raised[…]

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More About Holistic Empowerment

Many of us have heard about holistic health, but few of us know about holistic empowerment.  I am sharing more about holistic health here, right now. What is holistic empowerment? Holistic empowerment is the concept that measurable, authentic, lasting empowerment on a personal, community/group or national level is not singularly[…]

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Summer Sale-Going On Now!

Sisters, we are having a sale!  The summer sale is for a short time only.  We hope that you continue to support us by shopping our women’s empowerment products. You may also likeInternational Women’s Day: #IWD2018How to Be a Sister5 Ways to Make Your T-shirts More FashionableSisterhood Agenda’s Social Enterprise[…]

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