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Sisterhood Agenda’s housing projects are key to fullfilling our mission and vision.  We all deserve safe, beautiful spaces that promote our physical health and emotional well-being.


Holistic health agenda

For over 26 years, Sisterhood Agenda has been providing award-winning holistic health and women’s wellness services for education, support, and empowerment.

We promote physical, mental, and spiritual awareness, healing, and emotional well-being for women and girls around the globe.  With over 2 million online users, evaluating, and disseminating culturally relevant, gender-specific strategies has been the hallmark of Sisterhood Agenda’s success.

“Sisterhood” is a cultural gender term of endearment, trust, and respect.

Our world is diverse and our sisterhood is, too.

Sisterhood Agenda offers evidence-based, culturally relevant partnerships, trauma-informed training, holistic healing, wellness programs, and products.

Women’s wellness is a powerful weapon in our mission to be safe and strong.; a healthy sisterhood is an empowered sisterhood.  Sisterhood is a powerful force for positive social change.

Housing offerings

Wellness and real estate go hand-in-hand.  The most current research clearly demonstrates the phenomenal health benefits of wellness real estate and healing through exposure to nature.  This research has become even more relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic than ever before.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we honor Mother Earth.

Sustainability matters.

Sisterhood Agenda is building safe spaces for women to live, work, and learn. In 2017, Sisterhood Agenda won the National Energy Globe Award for its eco-facility building, We consistently fundraise for our PARKS housing project.

SEASisterhood Empowerment Academy award-winning eco-facility and St. John Eco Suites wellness real estate on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands (COMPLETED)


Sisterhood Agenda housing projects for women


PARKS Holistic HousingPositively Affirming Real Knowledge & Sisterhood housing for women in Baltimore County, Maryland (NEW)



Sisterhood Agenda PARKS housing projects for women

Other initiatives

In addition to our housing projects, Sisterhood Agenda’s holistic health and wellness projects and resources for women and girls also includes:

  1. Sisterhood of Greatness, an uplifting manifesto for sisterhood learning, service, and growth
  2. Sister Circles, women’s group for holistic health, healing, resource-sharing
  3. SHE: Sisters, Healthy and Empowered, a holistic health program promoting emotional balance, weight control, healthy eating, and exercise habits.
  4. Counseling, Mentoring, Advice: Sisterhood Advisor, mental health support services
  5. Publications: Sisterhood Agenda’s Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own Sister Circles, What is Sisterhood?, Healing Affirmations, Girls Guide book series, Life After ACEs: Overcoming Girlhood Trauma, How to Relax & Let Go, Sisterhood Agenda Magazine, How to Create a Healing Space to Empower Women and Girls, Meditation Handout with Bonus Affirmation, Herbal Blend for Health & Healing, and more in our Shop
  6. A Journey Toward Womanhood, an evidence-based comprehensive prevention strategy for teenage girls
  7. SisterCamp, a summer enrichment program for girls ages 4-13
  8. Global Educational Empowerment for 100,000 Girls, an international project to scale Sisterhood Agenda programs and services
  9. Men & Sisterhood, how men can aid the mission to educate, support, and empower women and girls
  10. Young Sister on the Rise Scholarship, educational funds awarded for higher learning

Photo credit:  Samson Katt, Pexels


Wellness Real Estate Sisterhood Agenda
Wellness Real Estate Sisterhood Agenda Photo Credit:  Anna Shvets
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