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Social Media Preoccupation Virtual Support Group for Teenage Girls

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Sisterhood Agenda’s NEW Social Media Preoccupation Virtual Support Group for Teenage Girls is designed to help you and the girls you care about get a grip on social media use and live a healthy life.

Do you know someone preoccupied or even addicted to social media?  Are you trying hard to stop endless online checking and scrolling?  Social media preoccupation can be challenging, especially for teen girls.

We meet online every week for one hour.  Parent/guardian registration is required.

Get ready to meet and greet with others who know exactly what you’re going through. Get valuable tools to regain control by not allowing social media to take over your life and your feelings.

You deserve a full life, full of love and positivity. Join the sisterhood and let’s empower each other together!



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Check out Girls Guide: How to Cope with Social Media Addiction. This ready-to-follow, full-color guide is designed to empower you to understand and control your online social compulsions, desires, and needs.

Social Media Preoccuupation Support Group for Teenage Girls

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