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  1. I happened to land on this website and we are doing something similar in India, not on very big scale but in a small localized way. We are interested in partnering with Sisterhood Agenda. We are a small non-profit organisation working towards teaching the less privileged and the privileged by making learning fun. We are also working in the area of woman empowerment. We have built a safety platform that compromises of safety app and wearable with a software platform in the backend and slowly move towards a pre-emptive safety system.
    Apart from that we are also doing few on and off women workshops by forming sisterhood circles. Now we are planning to have more volunteers and more frequent dedicated sisterhood workshops.
    We would like understand how does partnership happen?

    Thanking you!!

    1. Greetings Renuka,

      This is great. We welcome you and your agency as a Sisterhood Agenda global partner and we will include your information in our Global Sisterhood Directory.

      Sisterhood Agenda would like to reach out to other organizations empowering women in India. If you know of women organizations in India, please let them know that our sisterhood is inclusive, global, and diverse. Our connections with each other makes us stronger.

      Thank you for your partnership and we look forward to working with you!

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