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Sister Circles are here for you. Join one of Sisterhood Agenda’s Sister Circles today.


Sister Circle expert, Sisterhood Agenda, with its SEA (Sisterhood Empowerment Academy), is excited to offer a multi-sector strategic response to one of the country’s most relevant public health issues-women and trauma.


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The Sister Circle group dynamic is an effective therapeutic tool that encourages women to support each other, seek help, and thrive.

They are trauma-informed and specifically designed to promote healing from abuse and violence and general empowerment for women.


Sister Circles take place at our SEA (Sisterhood Empowerment Academy) in the U.S. Virgin Islands, via online formats, and at various physical locations coordinated with Sisterhood Agenda’s global partners.

Do you want to get trained on how to facilitate Sister Circles or host a Sisterhood Agenda Sister Circle at your location?  Contact us!


SIGN UP to receive updates about the specific times and dates for upcoming Sister Circles.



Sisterhood Agenda utilizes an innovative online format, in addition to in-person gatherings.  Sister Circles are facilitated by trained trauma experts. When you SIGN UP, you will be notified of our next Sister Circle event.

Your agency can register to become a global partner.  As a partner, your agency can be listed in our Global Sisterhood Directory, gain promotional advantages and show support for sisterhood and women’s empowerment.


By the time a woman turns eighteen years old, she has likely experienced at least one trauma in her life.  Did you know?

  • 98% of trauma experienced by women is sexual trauma
  • 1 in 3 women will experience sexual assault
  • Sexual assaults are widely unreported

For effective program implementation, Sisterhood Agenda can provide Sister Circles training for you and your agency. Contact us for more details.

Read 10 Signs to Recognize Trauma to understand more about trauma.  Learn 10 Tips to Stay Safe & Protect Yourself From Sexual Assault on Campus.

Come to Sisterhood Agenda to get information, get healthy, heal, and transform.  Learn more about Sisterhood Agenda and sisterhood.

Due to recent changes in our program scheduling, we recommend that you join our global sisterhood network to stay updated and when necessary, contact us for more information.

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