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Self-Care and Safety Guide for Women

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Are you trying to heal?  Self-care and safety for women and girls is a nonnegotiable requirement.

Violence against women and girls is arguably the most critical public health crisis of our time.

At Sisterhood Agenda, we know that we need to look out for ourselves and each other.  Healing is hard work.  Our new self-care and safety guide is a comprehensive way to protect yourself during this process, which is full of highs and lows.

Download the guide today with a donation to Sisterhood Agenda.  Your support is very appreciated by all of us.



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Whether you are going through a hard time, fighting a spiritual battle, pressing charges against an abuser, attending therapy, and moving through your healing process, we could all use some empathy, caring assistance, and help.

These tips are useful reminders to take care of the person who is most important-YOU.

For more self-care and healing tips, read The Art of Chilling Out for Women:  100+ Ways to Replace Worry and Stress with Spiritual Healing, Self-Care, and ,Sef-Love. 


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