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Girls Guide: How to Cope with Social Media Addiction


This is the best book to help you get a grip on your social media addiction and live a healthy life.

Are you trying hard to stop endless online checking and scrolling? Look no further than “Girls Guide: How to Cope with Social Media Addiction.” Written by Sisterhood Agenda Founder and President, Angela D. Coleman, this ready-to-follow, full-color guide is designed to empower you to understand and control your online social compulsions, desires, and needs.

Filled with love, care, and healthy guidelines to get excessive social media use under manageable control, this is the best social media addiction book for women to discover what’s happening with their social media use and why.

What Will You Find Inside This Social Media Book?

  • Evidence-based strategies to recognize and overcome overconsumption
  • Information to improve your understanding of anxiety and depression
  • Ways to recognize the red flags of social media addiction
  • Clear guidelines to understand the psychological and physical manifestations of excessive social media use
  • Insight into what a digital detox is and how to do it
  • Specific recommendations for developing healthy social media habits
  • Dialogues, questions, and exercises to reflect on your use of social media

You deserve a full life full of love and positivity.

Get ready to regain control over your life by not allowing social media to control you, a book for women by women, made especially for you.

Join the sisterhood and let’s empower each other together!

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