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Sisterhood Agenda is about all things sisterhood.

“I happened to stumble across your website and fell in love!”

“When women gather there is a collective power to heal, find our voice, rise up and make a difference.  Thank you for creating such a wonderful organization. You are holding space for women all over the world to RISE.”


Global sisterhood

Founded in 1994 by Angela D. Coleman, we are an award-winning, top-rated 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit charitable organization based in the United States. Our global sisterhood is large; over 5,000 organizations in 36 countries are part of our vast international network.




Sisterhood Agenda’s mission is to promote sisterhood around the globe with the knowledge that this type of support is a powerful force for empowerment, healing, and positive social change.  With your participation, we can be even stronger.

“I consider it an honor to be a part of this wonderful network.”

You make the difference

In addition to our donations page, our projects can be funded on Global Giving and we are listed on Guidestar and Great Nonprofits.  Sisterhood Agenda Founder Angela D. Coleman:

“Girls supporting each other and women helping women… together. SISTERHOOD must be the foundation for all feminist and women empowerment movements.”
Two Sisters Sisterhood Agenda med

“I am grateful for the global connection your mission/organization has created and the message that it sends that we are not alone.”

Join us

At any time, you and your business can join our global sisterhood network, share your story with us, become a partner and sponsor, browse our articles and purchase empowerment products from our shop.  All are welcome.

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  1. our society RACHERI JANTA VIKAS GRAM UDYOG SAMITI is working in the field of women and child development ,skill devlopment,rural devlopment,in india our society trained women in various traning programme like,handloom ,handicrafts ,beautician ,punja durry making,cutting and tailring ,fashion desining ,etc

    1. We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have experienced with our online shopping system. The system allows you to download products only one time per purchase. We wrote to you via email to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. We hope that you are satisfied. Thank you for putting Sisterhood on your Agenda and take care!

  2. I personally always believed in a “sisterhood” amongst my girlfriends. I called them “My Sisters”. They cried with me, laughed with me, shared ideas with me, and been in my life at certain times and events with my children or with me. I love my GF’s as my sisters. I would never change that. As I was journaling revisiting what I am grateful for, the word Sisterhood came to my mind. As I wanted to elaborate and define, i ran across your website. A GLOBAL movement. I heard of it but never thought of being a part of. Today I am joining because as mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and a woman; being a sister is important to me and being informed and being involved in social change, women’s equality, health, and empowerment are what makes us women BOSSES in our life. WE need to gather together as there is more power than one.

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