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Effective Coping Strategies

Coping strategies are needed for your health, especially your mental health.  Let’s make sure your coping strategies are effective and healthy.

What are coping strategies?

Coping strategies are different ways that a person can use to help deal with a situation or problem.

Coping strategies can be emotional,


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Using the New 988 Crisis Line

Sisterhood Agenda the new 988 Crisis Line

Do you know about the new 988 Crisis Line?

The national suicide prevention hotline is funded by SAMHSA and has been administered by Vibrant Emotional Health since 2005. They have over 200 centers full of trained counselors to help you or a loved one in crisis or in distress.


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How to Be Healthy and Emotionally Balanced

sisterhood agenda how to be healthy and emotionally balanced

I bet, at some point in your life, you wondered how to be healthy and emotionally balanced.

You are unique

Have you ever looked at someone who seems perfectly calm during intense stress as you drown in a sea of your uncontrolled emotions? There may be someone in your life who never gets anxious no matter how daunting the situation or is optimistic at all points,


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Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

Sisterhood Agenda Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

Sisterhood Agenda has been promoting Black youth mental health for over twenty-five years.  Starting with small groups of Black girls ages 12-17, we created and implemented A Journey Toward Womanhood, plus SisterCamp, Sister Circles, and other girl power programs.


Disproportionately impacted by trauma and abuse, disease, economic handicaps,


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Traveling Alone Can Empower Women

Traveling alone is a terrifying thought, especially if you haven’t done it before. Imagine:  you’ll be in a place you’re not familiar with and you don’t know anyone.  Of course, you need to make sure that you stay safe.

There’s no one to trust but yourself.

“Can I really travel alone?”


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Healing Manifestations

Sisterhood Agenda healing ACEs Trauma 101 A Journey Toward Womanhood

Have you experienced the power of healing manifestations? If you want to, you can.

Healing manifestations sisterhood agendaHealing manifestations sisterhood agenda

When you heal

When you heal, your mind is clearer; you have more energy, love, and positivity. You’re more motivated, vibrant, and alive.

More than this, you’re also more magnetic. 


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