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Warning to Young Women About Sharing Nude Photos & Videos


Sharing Private Moments Girls and young women sharing nude pics and photos is a risky, yet commonplace activity.  According to a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan Magazine, 89% of  millennial women, those ages 20-35 year-old, have taken naked pictures of themselves. However, before you snap, post, chat, upload, download, or do anything naked or sexual[…]

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Baobab Flowers Tackles Education Inequality

Gabriela Documentary Bao Flwrs

Afro-Brazilian Filmmaker Creates new film, Baobab Flowers, A Documentary That Explores Education Inequality in Brazil and the U.S. Gabriela Watson Aurazo, a Brazilian filmmaker and activist based in Philadelphia, just launched a crowdfunding campaign to support her latest documentary, Baobab Flowers. The film explores educational inequality as a global issue in Black[…]

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Top 10 Best Summer Activities for Girls

Girls in sleeping bags in a tree fort

Boredom during summer months out of school can inadvertently encourage technology abuse and may lead to the exploration of activities that have nothing to do with self-development.  Planned summer activities for girls during this important time can make a big difference. When Sisterhood Agenda implemented its SisterCamp:  Summer Enrichment Program for several[…]

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Girls on St. John are SHE: Sisters, Healthy & Empowered

20160319_154918 (Small)

With its SHE program, Sisterhood Agenda promotes sisterhood among girls by supporting them in making healthy choices. Fun, learning, movement and sisterhood created an awesome day for all! Sisterhood Agenda held a SHE: Sisters, Healthy & Empowered retreat at the agency’s new SEA: Sisterhood Empowerment Academy headquarters in St. John,[…]

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Take Your Girl Scout Cookies to the Next Level With Wine

Woman drinking wine

Everybody loves Girl Scout cookies, right?  In addition to helping girls around the world (Girls Scouts are included among Sisterhood Agenda’s global partners), you can go even further in indulging your sweet tooth by also enhancing your palette with wine.  However, sisters, you must be the legal drinking age and[…]

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