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Fighting Against Violence-What To Do

When fighting against violence, you, dear sister, need to know what to do.

At Sisterhood Agenda, our Global Sisterhood Directory is full of women’s organizations that identify issues of importance and share critical resources to address violence against women and children.

If you are one of the women who are experiencing abuse,[…]

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Trauma-Informed Yoga for Women

Trauma-informed yoga for women has been implemented in juvenile centers, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals for victims of abuse and trauma.

In fact, this yoga study demonstrates significant changes in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) scores and other areas of well-being.

How trauma-informed yoga can help with PTSD and trauma

Trauma-informed yoga is slightly different from regular gym yoga. 


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How To Find Your True Purpose In Life

“Finding your true purpose” sounds like a monumental task, but really, what is it about?

A happy family, a successful career, wealth, countless investments and properties… It sounds perfect, right? But some people, despite getting all these, it’s still not enough.  Something is missing.

And that is –


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Best Self-Defense Techniques For Women

The best self-defense techniques for women are the most basic moves and we’re about to cover it them this article.

Walking home alone from work on a dark street? Do you feel as if a stranger is following you? We’ve all been there and it’s horrifying.

When we talk about harassment,


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