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Best Self-Defense Techniques For Women

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The best self-defense techniques for women are the most basic moves and we’re about to cover it them this article.

Walking home alone from work on a dark street? Do you feel as if a stranger is following you? We’ve all been there and it’s horrifying.

When we talk about harassment, there are several types. The most common type of harassment is verbal.  Harassment also includes groping, touching, and of course, there is sexual assault.

If you’ve been in an unsafe situation, having clarity about your next steps could save your life.

That is what this article is all about:  we are going to list the techniques you can use when you’re confronted with a dangerous situation.  The great part about this is that you do not even have to actually go to a self-defense class, although we suggest you enroll in one.  This information should be helpful in the meantime.

Learning how to avoid a threat may not be as exciting as fighting the attacker.  However, in every beginner’s class, evading an attack is as effective as blocking an attack. These tips will drastically increase your chance of surviving.

Follow what your gut tells you

Do you ever have a feeling like there’s something off? Or something’s not quite right? This feeling may occur just before you leave the house or before you meet someone.

If your gut tells you something doesn’t feel right, listen to it.  As women, many of us have been told that this little voice inside our heads is just paranoia, but our instinct is our best detector for danger. Don’t ignore it.

Don’t make yourself an easy target

Stay alert and recognize an opportunity to escape from a circumstance before it turns bad. When you are walking on the street and cars are parked, don’t walk too close to it-there may be a person there just waiting for a victim.

When a person who’s walking side by side with you gives you the creeps, walk to the other side, walk faster, and blend in the crowd. These are smart ways to escape from possible danger.

Look confident

Human predators can easily detect the weakest prey. They look for women who seem frightened, fidgety, distracted, or vulnerable.

Walk with your head and shoulders up and place your hands outside your pocket. Attackers also look for women who are carrying packages or have minors/children as a companion.  Even when you have packages and/or children, make sure you are prepared to immediately free your hands to defend yourself, if necessary.

Use your voice to attract attention

If someone grabs you or attacks you, use your voice. Say “STAND BACK” as loud as you can and as confidently as you can. Try to imagine yourself as a police officer arresting a criminal.

Stand and act from a position of power.  It will likely intimidate the attacker and it will attract the attention of people toward you.

Maintain your personal space

Every person has their own personal space.  When an attacker enters your personal space, you need to act fast. Leave enough space, for example, one to one-and-a-half arm lengths.

If he starts charging, use your voice.  If he wasn’t intimidated by that, prepare to defend yourself.

You can use your legs to kick if you are able to maintain a safe distance. Kick him in the groin and run as fast as you can.

Trick your attacker

Did you know that one of the most effective ways to up your chances of escaping an attack is to pretend you cannot defend yourself? Like prey in the animal kingdom, you can pretend you are harmless and use the element of surprise.

Take a non-confrontational stance so the attacker will lower down his guard.

Take advantage of the opportunity when the aggressor assumes you cannot defend yourself.

If you’re engaged in a conversation, use verbal skills, and a non-confrontational stance. If he tries to grab you, put up a fight and land the first blow; target the eyes, the throat, and the groin.

Remember the basics

Were you ever in a dangerous situation and you couldn’t think of a way out of it? When your brain is in fight or flight mode, you may lose fine motor skills.  In this state, even pulling hands out of your pocket may seem to be an impossible task.

Learn a few techniques that are easy to memorize so that they stick when danger comes.  You will know what to do.

Here are some basics that will be crucial to survival:

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The heel-palm strike allows you to move freely from a non-confrontational stance.  The distance from the attacker is just right for your palm to reach his face, particularly the nose pointing upward. While holding your hands up, he won’t be able to step into your comfort zone without getting a hit.

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The eye strike can be executed in a standing position. You just simply drive your fingers toward your attacker’s eyes. It’s extremely painful and will buy you extra time for the next blow or to run.

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The knee strike technique is a type of standing kick. You simply have to stay centered and close to the ground. A knee groin is extremely debilitating.

In case the attacker was behind you, use your elbows, and your head (head butt).

We always say that prevention is better than cure, but be prepared for the element of surprise. No matter how careful you are, dangers can be unexpected.

We wish for your safety and we hope that this article will be useful and could save a life.

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  1. Knee to groin really works. In junior high a boy cornered me I told him I wanted to be left alone he grabbed my wrist I kneed him hard he fell to the ground crying in pain. I told my girlfriends most had done it to annoying boys even brothers

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