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Empower Yourself With These Empowering Tips

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Empower yourself like the strong and independent woman that you are with these tips!

We admire strong powerful women such as Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama.  You may even admire your supervisor at work.

Did you know that you can also feel empowered like them?

It’s all in your mind.  It’s how you deal with situations, how you live your life, and how you empower others, as well as your compassion and sincerity.

Every woman should experience empowerment. It is the most satisfying feeling in the world, when you’re confident of who you are and you know exactly what you want.

Empower yourself by becoming a warrior

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Know that you have choices, even if it seems like you don’t. You have the choice to respond to any situation.

Exercise that choice and gain power and control of your life.  And discover the clarity and strength of being empowered.

Empower yourself by standing up for yourself

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Stand up for yourself when you have an opinion.  When others talk about you, it isn’t always easy.  However, once you do it, you will have your own voice.

Many women get called names for even trying to stand up for themselves.  Don’t mind them. Gain that power.

Enroll in self-defense classes

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There’s nothing more empowering than knowing that you can protect yourself. Every girl or woman should know self-defense.  It is a survival skill.

Let’s face it:  we live in a world where most men objectify women.  Some don’t even bother to ask for consent.

Rape is prevalent and learning self-defense is your best weapon.

Learn to say NO

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Do you feel like the people around you think that you’re a pushover? Your family, even your closest friends, may think that you are too easy to manipulate.

It’s not because you’re weak.  More likely, it’s because you can’t say NO. Stop putting others before yourself, learn to say no, and recognize when enough is enough. You will have full control of your decisions.

You decide for yourself.  It’s okay to say NO. You always have a choice.


Embrace the fact that you are BEAUTIFUL, no matter what

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With social media the great accessibility of information, many people have lost their “filters.”  They lost tact and respect toward others.

These “keyboard warriors” can say hurtful things to you because they’re not in front of you.

And it hurts, even if you just read it online.  Do you know what’s worse? Cyberbullying has taken a lot of lives.

It’s so easy for a lot of people to judge one another by their physical appearance.


Looks aren’t everything.  Don’t listen to people who are trying to pull you down.  You know yourself better than them.  Angela D. Coleman, Founder & President, Sisterhood Agenda  says:

“You are beautiful. Self-acceptance and self-love are the key to freedom.”

No matter what other people say, if you love and accept yourself for who you are, what they say won’t matter.

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(Photo above: Katie Bouman led the development of an algorithm for imaging black holes. Because of her we now have a clear image of a black hole.)

When you have goals, it keeps you focused. Make a list of goals, whether big or small.  Achieving your goals, one by one, gives you fulfillment. You will instantly feel better about yourself and it will be totally empowering.

Empower yourself by practicing self-love

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Make yourself your priority. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, get enough sleep, eat healthy, live a balanced life, and have fun every once in a while.

The more you love yourself, the more empowered you become. When you take care of yourself, you can efficiently take care of others.

Respect yourself

Empowerment includes self-respect. Accept and respect yourself for who you are:  your flaws, your past, your boundaries, your standards. If you respect yourself, others will respect you too.

Empower yourself by letting yourself  be heard

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(Photo: Elizabeth Smart. She was kidnapped and kept as a slave for years.  Abused and maltreated before she escaped, she is now an advocate for violence against women and children.)

Your past, your experiences have given you wisdom and resilience. Be that voice that supports other women who went through the same things you did.  Be the person who inspires them and lets them know that they can get out of whatever tough situation they’re in.

Every woman can be empowered. It’s hard work but it’s well worth it. Be compassionate, be understanding, be supportive.

Empowered women, empower women.



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