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How to Be Healthy and Emotionally Balanced

sisterhood agenda how to be healthy and emotionally balanced

I bet, at some point in your life, you wondered how to be healthy and emotionally balanced.

You are unique

Have you ever looked at someone who seems perfectly calm during intense stress as you drown in a sea of your uncontrolled emotions? There may be someone in your life who never gets anxious no matter how daunting the situation or is optimistic at all points,


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Healing Manifestations

Sisterhood Agenda healing ACEs Trauma 101 A Journey Toward Womanhood

Have you experienced the power of healing manifestations? If you want to, you can.

Healing manifestations sisterhood agendaHealing manifestations sisterhood agenda

When you heal

When you heal, your mind is clearer; you have more energy, love, and positivity. You’re more motivated, vibrant, and alive.

More than this, you’re also more magnetic. 


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When You Think You’re Too Much

Woman living freely.

Hello sisters! Have you ever felt like you were “too much?” Have you ever heard someone say to you, “You’re being too loud!” or “you’re getting too excited”? It just always seems that at some point, people may tell you that you’re “too much.”

I was inspired to write this post by an author by the name of Grace Valentine on Instagram.


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Meditation Practices to Boost Health

Meditation is the modern way of keeping your mind and emotions in check.

Recent studies have shown evidence that it improves anxiety, depression, pain, and even high blood pressure.

In light of what’s happening in the world right now, facing a pandemic that is COVID-19, one cannot help but be anxious about what’s going to happen next. 


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