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Building PARKS Holistic Housing for Women

Sisterhood Agenda PARKS holistic housing for women
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PARKS holistic housing for women?  YES!!  Our entire team is dedicated to making this project a reality.

Sisterhood Agenda PARKS Housing for Women

PARKS (Positively Affirming Reality & Knowledge in Sisterhood) is a holistic, community-based development that provides safe housing to women in Baltimore County, Maryland. Sisterhood Agenda will build 22 beautiful, affordable, ecofriendly units; 11 dedicated to transitional supportive housing and 11 dedicated to permanent supportive housing. PARKS prevents homelessness for women and their families going through life challenges and trauma, often due to personal violence and human trafficking.

The problem

Housing instability and the lack of safe and affordable housing options heighten the risks for women in Baltimore County with more than 50 percent reporting domestic violence as the primary cause of homelessness. When women leave, they often leave with children and have nowhere to go. With three major airports, inexpensive bus transportation, train service along the east coast, and large sporting events, Maryland is an attractive destination for human traffickers.

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Solving the problem

Affordable housing shortages and housing for women in transition create a large void that Sisterhood Agenda is uniquely qualified to fill. Women who survive personal violence and human trafficking experiences require safe, healing spaces, plus supportive services such as coordinated aftercare activities, including housing, trauma-informed counseling, and other aid. Sisterhood Agenda’s PARKS holistic housing development responds to this call to action for residents and their children.

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Long-term impact

While thousands of homeless women require housing, there are not thousands of units available. Vastly under-supplied, there is a gender-specific housing crisis related to the public health crisis of violence against women, combined with the void of safe spaces for women. In response, PARKS is a pilot for the State of Maryland and a model for other states. Residents will show benchmark improvements in housing and economic stability, employment, and mental health.


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