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3 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Sisterhood Agenda 3 ways to practice self-care

With 3 easy ways to practice self-care, Sisterhood Agenda can show you how to manage everyday stress. The reality is this:  there comes a time in everyone’s life when they may feel drained and emotionally unwell. This may be due to excessive workload or other responsibilities that prevent you from[…]

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Back-to-School Clothing Giveaway Success

Sisterhood Agenda Back to School Clothing Giveaway Success

Sisterhood Agenda’s community-based Back-to-School Clothing Giveaway was a huge success.  In total, Sisterhood Agenda gave away over 500 items of clothing and computers valued at over $32,000! And… surprise!  We also gave away three laptop computers. We allowed five people at a time in the conference center and wore our[…]

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Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

Sisterhood Agenda Promoting Black Youth Mental Health

Sisterhood Agenda has been promoting Black youth mental health for over twenty-five years.  Starting with small groups of Black girls ages 12-17, we created and implemented A Journey Toward Womanhood, plus SisterCamp, Sister Circles, and other girl power programs. Vulnerability Disproportionately impacted by trauma and abuse, disease, economic handicaps, and[…]

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Dating: What Women Must Know


What does dating look like today? For many centuries, couples met at balls and dances, and young girls were chaperoned as their suiters courted them. Then, came the dating culture.  Many years after that, friends and colleagues began introducing people so they could find love. However, times has changed a[…]

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Thank You for Funding Our Work

Funding for Sisterhood Agenda

To all of our supporters:  thank you for funding us through one of our most difficult times. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all in need of support.  And you are there for us. Uncertainty and lack of cash flow….  like all of us, our in-person programs were paused.  We[…]

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