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3 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care

Sisterhood Agenda 3 ways to practice self-care

With 3 easy ways to practice self-care, Sisterhood Agenda can show you how to manage everyday stress.

The reality is this:  there comes a time in everyone’s life when they may feel drained and emotionally unwell.

This may be due to excessive workload or other responsibilities that prevent you from giving attention to yourself. 


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Being Beautiful

Being beautiful

Being beautiful is more than being physically attractive or pretty.  Too often, women are judged in this very shallow way.

It’s an inner light that fills your body and can even emanate from your being into any room that you walk into.  You know it when you see it and other people notice it,


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Healing Manifestations

Sisterhood Agenda healing ACEs Trauma 101 A Journey Toward Womanhood

Have you experienced the power of healing manifestations? If you want to, you can.

Healing manifestations sisterhood agendaHealing manifestations sisterhood agenda

When you heal

When you heal, your mind is clearer; you have more energy, love, and positivity. You’re more motivated, vibrant, and alive.

More than this, you’re also more magnetic. 


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Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful

Owning Your Sexuality is Powerful Sisterhood Agenda

Owning your sexuality is powerful and it’s not just about sex. 

It’s about accepting and embracing your female energy.  It’s about not feeling ashamed of being a woman doing a “man’s job.” It’s being confident in your own skin and not having to prove to anyone how courageous,


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Stop These 5 Beauty Stereotypes To Live Your Best Life

Stop These 5 Beauty Stereotypes To Live Your Best Life Sisterhood Agenda

We can stop buying into outdated beauty stereotypes using Sisterhood Agenda’s multicultural beauty principles.  Beauty is abundant in all of us and I encourage you all to let your unique beauty shine brightly!

Overcoming beauty stereotypes

For too long, women have been conditioned to believe in unrealistic beauty standards set by society. 


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