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Self-Love is More Than Words

Self-Love is More Than Words
Angela D. Coleman
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SELF-LOVE is more than words we say to ourselves.

You must ignite this force within all of us to be all you are meant to be.  In this life.  Right now.

Self-Love is More Than Words

It knows that you are more than your mistakes.

Self-love involves time, patience, acknowledgment, forgiveness, and even space.

Give the love you give to others to yourself.

It helps you rise.

Self-love involves kindness, permission to be where you are but not stay where you are.

We are meant to rise and keep rising:  rise above the expectations of others and our own limiting perceptions of what life can be.

It comes from within.

Self-love is the love, appreciation, generosity, and even discipline that you show to yourself, without being dependent on receiving it from others.

When you love yourself unconditionally, you treat yourself like you want to be treated and this gentleness comes from the heart.

It means the priority=YOU

Self-love at times means putting yourself first in order to better help and love others.

When you fly on a commercial flight, they teach you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others, even your child, when the need arises.  Are you giving yourself what you need first?

It is a gift to yourself.

Are you in need of some self-love today?

Put all your worry and negative thoughts on hold and focus on what YOU need right now to help you recover, to help you heal, to help you breathe.

Self-love is the most precious gift you can give yourself.  Be kind to yourself so you can also be kind to others!

Photo credit:  Tiko Giorgadze, Unsplash

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