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Business Passion: Yes, It’s Spiritual

Business Passion Yes Its Spiritual Sisterhood Agenda
Angela D. Coleman
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Business Passion 101:

Is business your passion or is passion your business?

“Business is a spiritual game.”
Tony Robbins

When you have a mission that’s so deep, a purpose that comes from your heart, then nothing can stop you or slow you down. It’s the ultimate drive. Passion is the ultimate fuel for you to thrive.

This is why I chose to be in a “business” that’s so close to my heart. I’ve always felt that I can truly live a fulfilling life and share my time with the people closest to my mission.  What others may view as fantasy is my reality.

With focused deliberation and infinite blessings, I have been able to create a wonderful life of love and service.

To uplift all women and empower them to live their best lives, bringing change to communities as well as their personal lives, when supported by your friends, family, and significant others is to truly exist with REAL life-love-work balance.

So… my ultimate advice to you is simple:   follow the passion.

Let’s rise together while making a positive impact in ourselves, our homes, and our communities.

How do you SHOW UP to do what you do?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.  May you be a blessing to yourself, your family, your community, and others.  Aśhe.


Photo credit:  Pexels, Ann Shvets

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