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Women Entrepreneurs: The Most Powerful Women in Business

Angela D. Coleman
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Entrepreneurs work hard and due to gender inequalities such as the gender pay gap, women entrepreneurs often work even harder to achieve success in business.  When you hear about the most powerful women in business, whom are they referring to?

Power is freedom and being free means:  1. not under the control or in the power of another, 2.  able to act or be done as one wishes; not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded, and 3. release from captivity, confinement or slavery.

From this perspective, women entrepreneurs are the most powerful women in business.  Women entrepreneurs go above and beyond in terms of using their natural gifts, learned skills, and adaptable control over their environment. When you are a #Girlboss, you use the power of choice to live according to your own terms.

10 Ways To Awaken Your Inner #Girlboss


Starting your own business is challenging and working for yourself means belief in self, sacrifice, tolerance for peaks and valleys, and, of course, rewards.  It takes courage and self-discipline to be consistent and focused.

Risk-taking is not blind, but calculated to suit the entrepreneur’s personality and specific goals during particular phases of the business.Sometimes the risks pay off and sometimes they do not.  However, the mindset of the entrepreneur is flexible and secure, understanding the fact that uncertainty and change are constants.


As a successful woman entrepreneur, you know what you want, even if you do not always know how to get there.  The journey of risk and reward helps you become more self-aware as you balance your wants and needs.  It is a prime opportunity to get to know yourself better and think about the expectations of others.

Did I say “expectation of others?”  Women entrepreneurs often end up throwing this concept out the window!  While you learn from others, you will learn to trust your gut, tap into your inner teacher, and listen to your intuition to ultimately guide your strategy.  Things you used to believe, you might not believe any more, the doubters have to be ignored and convinced, and the number of haters multiply with your achievements. With a firm sense of self, this will build you up and fortify you, not tear you down.


When you make your own work schedule, you have more options.  Of course, these options reflect who you are and your most ideal lifestyle. You choose it because it makes you happy.  There is unparalleled flexibility that can perfectly accommodate passion, purpose, profit, friends, trends, and family.

As a business owner, you decide where you live, where you work, and the number of hours you put into your week.   You can work as many hours as you want and decide when you do it.  For example, if your creativity peaks at night, you can adjust your work day accordingly.

You also have the opportunity to create a unique physical work environment in which you can thrive. Organized chaos might be perfect for your productivity while others may need relaxation, calm, and open spaces.  Adapting to challenge and finding inspiration all push you past conventional limits.


Funding challenges can test the love you have for yourself, your mission, and even those whom you are in relationships with. Your engagement in critical thinking will also help you in engage in critical feeling.  Being able to explore love as a multi-faceted concept not limited to romantic relationships is a liberating experience. Woman entrepreneurs generally love what they do.

Women entrepreneurs tend to put the time into what they love.  Afterall, as you grow, you can always delegate the rest.  Social entrepreneurs, those that engage in social enterprise solutions, go even further as they spread their love to include helping and being of service to others.


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