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10 Reasons to Start Your Business Right NOW

Angela D. Coleman
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Are you wondering whether or not to start your own business? Don’t wonder anymore.  Today is a time for action.

Women in business suffer from discrimination and patriarchy which can prevent us from getting ahead.  Women of color suffer disproportionately, being blocked from several different directions.  While women entrepreneurs and female founders who start their own businesses continue to experience prejudice, stereotypes, sexual harassment, and lack of capitalization, having your own business is very empowering.

Other women are successfully doing it and you can, too.  Here are 10 reasons to start your business right now:

1. Independence.

As an entrepreneur, you are free.  Freedom is priceless.

Are your supervisors and co-workers driving you crazy? Are you unappreciated and undervalued at your current job? If you are very self-motivated and self-directed, you will do well with your new freedom to thrive. You set the tone, the schedule, and the agenda. The only limits are your imagination.

2. Creativity.

Not everyone is creative.  If you fortunate enough to be a creative spirit, don’t waste it! Some people are naturally creative most of the time while others experience waves of intense creativity.

You can take advantage of your special form of creativity to be of service to others and make money for yourself.

3. Profit.

Profit may not be your primary motivation.  In fact, you may want to start a nonprofit organization or NGO.  Either way, you will need to generate income.  When you generate your own income, you are responsible for your salary and your profit is related to your specific activities and the work that you put into your business.  Therefore, your income potential and profit is limitless.

4. Opportunity.

When you help others, your opportunities tend to grow.

As you become a more savvy businesswoman, you will begin to see opportunities instead of obstacles, potential profit instead of liabilities.  A run-down house, for example, may be seen as a public blight or an opportunity for enrichment.

5. Growth.

Entrepreneurship will help you grow, sometimes really quickly.  Your business growth can, and often does, mimic your own personal evolution.  You grow, your clients grow, and we all grow.

6. Challenges.

While there are sure to be difficult times, overcoming these challenges will create unparalleled wisdom and adaptability.  The challenges you face will help you in your own self-development.

7. Flexibility.

If you were rigid before you won’t be after starting your own business.  Entrepreneurship can help you embrace change as a part of life that offers you endless possibilities instead of something to fear and avoid.  You are in charge of your own scheduling, which leaves time for highly valued activities, like spending time with your family, travel, and socializing.

8. Risk tolerance.

There is a saying, “no risk, no reward.”  Starting your own business is full of both.  When you develop your confidence and believe in your purpose, you become more unstoppable and can tolerate more risk.  Risks are not always monetary.  “Risk” also includes your time, energy, and emotional investments, too.

Tolerance for risk is a unique quality that all entrepreneurs share.

9. Energy.

When you walk, work, and live with purpose, you are more energized because you are living, not simply alive.  We are all connected.  These connections are helpful in fueling us in our mission and can help us to overcome obstacles.

Fulfilling your destiny is full of positive energy.

10. Knowledge.

The knowledge that you gain from starting a business is invaluable.  Even if you can afford to hire someone to do tasks for you, every business owner should have experience and knowledge about every aspect of the business, from the bottom to the top.  You learn as you go, then delegate to others once you form a solid team that you can count on.

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