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Creating the Ultimate Sisterhood by Mentoring Women in Business

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Sisterhood: Women in business mentoring and supporting each other

With the growing trend of women empowerment, the path
to gender equality and economic freedom is “sisterhood.”

The need for women in business to associate themselves with sisterhood exists because if they do not do so, they are not likely to rise above the male dominance that has been triumphing in the world of entrepreneurship, preventing the capabilities of women to shine.

Firstly, a very limited number of women exist in the business world who have as much influence as men. These women are usually singled out by men and become a part of their circle. Sometimes, hey find it hard to lose this privileged opportunity by trying to help other women reach there.

Secondly, women may help other women but they do not feel comfortable helping them so much that those women surpass them and get more successful. This struggle for survival, which prevents the formation of sisterhood among women in the world of entrepreneurship and business, is due to the insanely tough competition that exists for women who often operate within male-dominated industries.

What women need to realize is this :  there are so many benefits that they will obtain by forming a sisterhood coalition with each other. (Read Sisterhood Agenda’s How to Be a Sister.) If they take a broader view, they will see that they have nothing to lose once they take this initiative.  Why try to do it alone?

Sisterhood agenda women in business

Mentoring requires women to help other women. Being a mentor to a woman can provide both with confidence. Similarly, women can provide opportunities to other women. This way, they can make way to push aside the male dominance and create better opportunities for themselves. This will be helpful in women being more independent and increase the numbers of women who are successful in the sisterhood.

Sharing resources is another way of forming the sisterhood. The women who have succeeded in establishing themselves are in a better position to provide resources to share.  Rather than losing assets or giving value away, women mentors are actually enhancing their own positions by building powerful alliances and supporters, increasing the number of women in their field, and enhancing overall success.

Sisterhood in entrepreneurship through mentoring can help women in business be more successful and independent. The first step is to eliminate unhealthy competitions and take a broader view for the greater good of all women.  Become a mentor today!  You will be glad that you did.

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